It’s back! Register for Let’s Count! 2022 today. Primary schools in England and Wales can register to take part in the award-winning Let’s Count! education programme from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Enjoy fabulous new census education resources, which you can use in the build-up to the Census 2021 population announcement in early summer 2022. For more information on Census 2021 results visit the census website.

“Let’s Count! has been a valuable contribution to our community … and helped us to deepen our curriculum.”

Halley House Primary School, Hackney.

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What is Let’s Count!?

Let’s Count! is an exciting free education resource programme that teaches children about the census. The ONS, together with education resource centre, iChild, developed Let’s Count! to support Census 2021 and the census results that the ONS will publish this year.

Let’s Count! has achieved accreditation from Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) and the Geographical Association and has won the award for STEM Education Programme of the Year.

Last year, more than 9,000 primary schools across England and Wales took part in Let’s Count!. Through these schools, over 2.2 million children and their parents learnt about the importance of the census.

An amazing response to the census

By taking part in Let’s Count! these schools helped achieve an amazing response to Census 2021 which exceeded all expectations. Over 97 per cent of households across England and Wales responded, above the pre-census target of 94 per cent. The information given in the census helps to inform things that affect us all, including local services like school places, GP surgeries and hospital beds.

Join us again this year with Let’s Count! as we move from collecting to publishing census information. Find out more about Let’s Count! here.




of teachers said the Let’s Count! activity made a positive educational impact at their school.


of teachers rated Let’s Count! Excellent or Good.


of parents said their child enjoyed taking part in Let’s Count!

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