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About Let’s Count

Your free Let’s Count! resource pack includes:

  • Full access to this Let’s Count! website, including past census data on your local area and a free chart-generation tool. This allows you to create colourful pie charts and bar charts.
  • A choice of 14 easy-to-use lesson plans covering key areas of the English and Welsh curriculum. The lesson plans help to teach children about the importance of the census and how the information we collect will help your school and local area. Teachers can pick and choose which lessons to use. You’ll receive a booklet and access to online resources. Lessons are accredited by MEI, NATE and the Geographical Association.
  • ­Editable PowerPoint slides, supporting each lesson plan, enabling you to tailor lessons for your class.
  • Exclusive best-practice video lessons from a Primary Maths Specialist at MEI and NCETM Associate on the subject of the ‘NHS and the census’, and ‘What is the census?’. You can use these video lessons to teach children directly in school or at home, or to help maths teachers prepare lessons.
  • An exclusive video lesson from Professor David Olusoga on the subject of ‘Equality, representation and the census’ with a supporting lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation.
  • ­A professional development video session from MEI which is exclusive to Let’s Count!. This session looks at the progression in statistics across the primary years. The session shows how connections can be made to other areas of the maths curriculum from number in Key Stage 1 through to fractions, decimals, percentages and geometry by the end of Key Stage 2. The activities highlight how using maths to interpret census data can build a better future for ourselves and the people in our community.
  • A Let’s Count! assembly presentation (editable PowerPoint slides), to announce the programme.
  • A home-learning project and take-home material for the children and their parents.
  • Colourful classroom display materials and posters.
  • Stickers and certificates to reward the children for taking part.
  • Counter Cat characters which will help make learning fun!


Register today!

Once registered, schools in England and Wales will receive their packs within 14 days, in time for the census taking place on Sunday 21 March 2021. Free packs are limited so please apply as soon as possible.

We look forward to your school taking part in this exciting initiative.

If you have any queries please contact the iChild census team at


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