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The Let’s Count! competition is now open.

Take part in Let’s Count! Day and your school could win £1,000 of equipment. Plus, the winning school will receive a visit from the National Statistician and will announce the Census 2021 population of England and Wales for the first time. The Let’s Count! competition is now open.

5 simple steps for primary schools to take part:

1. Choose your Let’s Count! day. Choose any day before the competition closing date of 23 April 2021 to do your counting.

2. Decide what the children will count. The theme for the competition is This Matters to Us. So, choose counting projects where the data matters to your school and the pupils. We have provided examples below, but it is entirely up to you what the children count. You may choose for younger and older children to count different things. Counting can take place at school, at home or during a walk in your local area.

3. Collect the data. Leaflets for the children are provided in your Let’s Count! resource pack. These include a tally chart to help children record their counting. You can print or share copies of the children’s leaflet here. Did you find out anything new or surprising?

4. Create a wall display. With the information gathered from the counting, pupils can then develop a colourful census wall display including charts, graphs and pictures. Take photographs of your display.

5. Share photographs and stories. Please share images and stories on your social media channels to let parents and your local community know that you are taking part. Please use @Census2021 #LetsCount.

To enter the competition, upload your main wall display photograph, plus up to two supporting images and a 150-word description of the counting that took place. If you wish you can also include an optional video. The closing date for entries is 11:59pm on Friday 23 April 2021.

Enter the competition

Census Rehearsal 2019 Comments

“The whole school took part in our school Let’s Count! day. Each class decided what they wanted to count and then how they would do this. It involved a lot of experiences such as walking in the village, conducting surveys and also looking at past census data!”
Burgh by Sands Primary School, Carlisle.

“We choose to conduct our census across the whole school. Children in the infants counted things found in the outside areas of our school and the junior looked at statistical data pertaining to the number of children in school and their dinner choices. The data was presented in a number of ways including tally, bar charts, pictographs and pie charts. We have displayed all our data in the school hall.”
Blackford Primary School, Carlisle.

“We began the Let’s Count! day with a whole school assembly, enthusing the children about the forthcoming census. Different classes chose different activities from the Let’s Count website, tailoring them to meet our rural needs. The children explored local data from 2001 and 2011, comparing population age. The children then presented their findings in imaginative ways, using art, graphing and infographics. All in all it was a great way to share the importance of data collection to enable to government to plan for our children’s future.”
Stoneraise School, Carlisle.

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What can you count?

You can count anything you like, however some examples could include:

  • Counting the steps of a walk to promote healthy living
  • Counting birds or animals to support a local wildlife charity
  • Counting books that are read to help a local library
  • Counting trees to support a local nature initiative
  • Counting items of plastic litter to support a local project on the environment
  • Counting how children travel to school to encourage more walking or cycling
  • Counting cars to support a new pedestrian crossing
  • Counting different sports that are played to promote a local sports centre
  • Counting pencils or items in school to conduct a stationery audit


Win great prizes

Overall Winner: £1,000 of STEM equipment from Tech Will Save Us. Plus, receive visit from the National Statistician and announce the Census 2021 population of England and Wales for the first time.

Area Winners: 9 x £250 of STEM equipment from Tech Will Save Us.


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